BENNY – Available for Adoption


Benny is currently heartworm positive and will be receiving treatment in April.
Benny is a Border Collie, around 3 years old. He walks great on leash and seems to be house trained. Benny is good with cats and other dogs. Benny has a submissive personality. He tends to be more people focused and loves to be around people. He is very sweet and would love to follow you to the ends of the earth! Benny would be a very loyal companion.

AZUL – Available for Adoption


Azul is a 5 year-old Doberman. Azul is a beautiful boy. He is good on leash, kennel and house trained. Azul is very treat motivated and easily trained. He would do well with an active household. Azul needs an experienced dog owner. Azul is good with other dogs and cats. Azul tends to guard his home and family. He must be introduced to new people properly. Once you are his family he is incredibly loyal.

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